Le Rêve – Your Guarantee of Quality

There are many oils on the market that greatly differ in quality. Imitation fragrant oils are marketed and sold as aromatherapy, but have no therapeutic benefit. Inexpensive essential oils are diluted with low grade or synthetic oils – they may smell nice, but will not deliver the same benefits as pure essential oils. There are even some companies marketing so-called ‘pure essential oils’ which are not certified as premium grade and therefore carry no guarantee of quality.

In order to work therapeutically, essential oils must be pure and of the finest grade and quality.

The Le Rêve range meets the strict criteria of high quality and therapeutic effectiveness. Our 100% Pure Essential Oils are sourced from plants grown in healthy environments untainted by chemical pesticides or other pollutants. They are derived solely from the named plant source and extracted using ‘world best practice’ to retain the highest levels of aromatic and therapeutic constituents.

These oils are subject to stringent tests including gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index and specific gravity before being shipped to Australia.

Once in Australia the bulk oils are manufactured into finished product and comply with strict quality control standards. All Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils must meet Australian government standards and regulations, and are manufactured and bottled in government licensed premises. The finished product is stringently tested for quality and performance before being released to the public, so you can rest assured you are purchasing products of the highest quality.


Le Rêve – Our name is your guarantee of purity, quality and excellence.