(3% in Jojoba) Pure Essential Oil 18mL

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Each of the recommended uses stated is based on accumulated knowledge of the way this oil has been used in traditional aromatherapy. 

Chamomile essential oil is fruity, sweetish, herbaceous, and is traditionally valued for its cooling effect on fevers and its relaxing qualities. Has a calming effect that reduces tension and offers relief for mild insomnia and headaches. Topically, Chamomile essential oil is soothing for minor wounds and minor burns and an excellent skin cleanser to assist with treating symptoms of mild acne, cold sores, dermatitis and eczema. Provides relief from period pain and some menopausal symptoms. Chamomile essential oil has warming qualities which help reduce swelling and stiffness in joints, easing muscular pain and tightness and offering relief to aching limbs, especially if affected by varicose veins.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis.

Plant: Herb, dried flower.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom.

Extraction: Distillation

Aroma: Chamomile is fruity, sweetish and herbaceous.



Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.

*Use on minor burns only. For more serious burns seek medical advice. Minor burns should be treated immediately by the rapid application of cold water or cold packs for at least 20 minutes, then additional treatment can follow. Do not apply ice directly on the burnt area.

How to Use: Refer to How to Use Aromatherapy for more information.