Why do Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils seem expensive?

As the old saying goes – you get what you pay for! Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils are of the highest quality available anywhere, are available in larger-than-standard bottles and offer great value for money. There are many cheaper offerings available in the market, but a lower price tag almost always indicates lower quality.


How should you decide which method of application to use?

Method of application greatly depends on personal preference and the condition you wish to treat. Certain methods are effective for certain conditions. This specific information can be found in the ‘How to Use Aromatherapy’ section of this website.


Why is it recommended to blend several oils together?

While you are free to use Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils individually, when two or more oils are combined together they form an enhanced blend – the whole becoming greater than the sum of the parts. When oils blend harmoniously the combination is called ‘synergy’. Many wonderful recipe blends can be found in the ‘Recipes Finder’ section of this website.


How many drops of oil should be used in an application?

Generally speaking, we recommend using anywhere from 5 to 10 drops of oil in a burner dish with water, or in 20mL of carrier oil. While the specific number of drops needed may vary across different methods and different oils, it is best to start with a small amount of oil and add to it if necessary. Pure Essential Oils are potent and can become overbearing if used with a heavy hand! See the ‘How to Use Aromatherapy’ section of this website for recommended dosages.


How long will Pure Essential Oils keep once they are blended with Carrier Oil?

Once combined with Carrier Oil, you can expect a blend to last anywhere from two weeks to two months. This is provided you store the blend in a cool, dry, dark place.


Can Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils be blended with products like milk, baby oil or olive oil?

You can use these products as a base for your oils but it is not recommended. These products will not promote absorption of Pure Essential Oils into the skin as successfully as Le Rêve Carrier Oils. Unrefined cold-pressed vegetable or seed oils are known for their excellent moisturising properties and will promote maximum absorption of essential oils into the skin.


Can Pure Essential Oils go rancid?

Pure Essential Oils can last several years, some longer than others; but if they are stored incorrectly in heat or sunlight they can oxidise over time, producing unpleasant odours. Always keep your oils stored in a cool, dark, dry place and you will experience full enjoyment right up to the expiry date given on each bottle.


Can aromatherapy be used during pregnancy?

Although it has never been proven that essential oils have an adverse effect on pregnant women, there is a lot of hearsay from doctors, practitioners and the general public. For this reason Le Rêve takes a conservative approach and offers advice for pregnant women in the Safety Precautions section of this website.


Can essential oils be used for babies and young children?

As is the case in the answer above re pregnancy, there has never been a documented incident of essential oil having an adverse effect on a baby or child. However, we strongly recommend that you always use smaller, lighter dosages of oil blends for use with children, especially when applying topically in massage or the bath.


Can essential oils be used in conjunction with prescribed medication?

There are no documented reasons why aromatherapy oils should not or cannot be used in conjunction with prescribed medication, however, if a person is unsure or if a person’s medical condition is serious, Le Rêve recommends consulting a doctor before use. Always be sure to follow the warnings and safety precautions listed with prescribed medicines.