Facial Rescue

My daughter, Bek had an eyelid surgical procedure in the last few days. A nasty 2 week long infection had blown up pea-size on her eye. It was disfiguring and affecting her vision. 1 1/2 hours of surgery later and an eye patch for day 1, she was told she would be “black and blue for 2 to 3 weeks”. The Opthamologist had cut her eyelid back from the inside, clamped, scratched and scraped – she sat there petrified frozen.

She also had a job interview she needed to be done that on day 1 post surgery complete with eye patch.

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Natural Remedies For Eczema

Dermatitis or Eczema is a common skin reaction in which the skin becomes red and itchy, sometimes with swelling and a rash. The skin may be dry and flaky, and blisters may occur. Although it’s not an infectious condition, there is a risk of developing an infection from scratching.

Eczema is often used to describe an atopic skin reaction, while dermatitis is usually used to describe the skin reaction caused by irritants or allergens, but the two words are sometimes used interchangeably.

A friend’s baby, Liam has a bit of ezcema on his chest. The top photo was taken the morning after the first application of Le Rêve aromatherapy oils as my friend was looking at natural remedies for eczema to use on her baby. The baby’s skin was very red, dry and sore looking.

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Vocal Health For Singers, Musicians and Performers

A wonderful friend in Tasmania, Brad Von Rock, is a highly skilled and experienced musician/singer performer.

My dear friend, his wife Kate, is a keen aromatherapy lover and has the Le Rêve Ultrasonic Diffuser and a collection of pure essential oils.

Brad is a regular star performer on the Spirit of Tasmania. After a few days of sailing back and forth in a contained environment and cabin life (recycled dry air), his throat suffers and Brad was starting to lose his voice despite all his regular throat care. He cannot afford his voice to let him down in his career!

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Winter Wellness Workshop

Winter is on the way and the dreaded cold/flu is circling the air at home, school and the workplace! The ‘Winter Wellness Workshop’ will teach you ways to build a line of defence against the bugs circling the air, the best pure essential oil blends to combat any sicknesses that come your way and how to maintain beautiful skin throughout the drying winter season.

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5 Reasons to Have an Ultrasonic Diffuser in Your Home

Drawing on the calming, relaxing and refreshing powers of pure essential oils is a practical and natural approach to optimum health. Pure essential oils are amazingly versatile and offer a number of healthy living benefits around your home.

There are hundreds of uses for essential oils and the best way to benefit from their properties is to diffuse them in Le Rêve’s Ultrasonic Diffuser which releases a fine mist of essential oil molecules in their purest form for optimal absorption.

Here are 5 Reasons to Have An Ultrasonic Diffuser:

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The Benefits of Transdermal Absorption From Bath & Body Oil

According to Robert Tisserand, “Soap is a wash-off product, so the benefits of anything you put in it are less than from a leave-on product, where transdermal absorption is 10 times greater.” Isn’t that wonderful?

This means the Le Rêve Bath and Body Oil range is in the high absorption category – it is therefore 10 times more effective in being absorbed across the skin barrier.

The Le Rêve range features ‘Ready to Enjoy’ blends including:

Love Story
Rescue Me
Muscle Recovery
Baby Care
Skin Revival
PMS Ease

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How To Start Your Natural First Aid Kit

Go beyond the usual bandages and gauzes (which are important of course!) and add some natural Essential Oils to your first-aid kit.

Pure Essential Oils are extracted from plants, herbs and flowers. Many have therapeutic properties which have been used traditionally for managing conditions such as colds and flu, sinusitis, hayfever, headaches and migraines, sleeplessness, stress, PMS, skin irritations and mild infections, muscle aches and much more.

Here’s a guide to help you start your natural first-aid kit for the home.

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An Important Factor to Consider When Choosing a Direct Selling Company

Direct selling offers Australians and New Zealanders the opportunity to earn extra income to help out with the household budget or a way to enjoy big ticket family holidays, buy a dream home, great education or new cars.

When looking for a direct selling company to join, there are a few factors to consider such as your fit with the company, the type of product or service, the start up and running costs, the income earning opportunity and so on.

One of the most important factors to consider when making your decision to join a direct selling

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7 Must-Try Recipes For Your Essential Oil Diffuser

An Essential Oil Diffuser allows you to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils, not just the beautiful scent. The Le Rêve Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser doesn’t heat the oil, keeping the therapeutic benefits of essential oils intact. It releases a fine mist of essential oil molecules in their purest form for optimal absorption.

The Le Rêve Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser has 4-in-1 functionality, making it the best essential oil diffuser for you and your family.

Aromatherapy Diffuser – Mist produced by ultrasonic waves releases essential oils into the air in their purest form.

Humidifier – Creates air moisture to combat the drying effects of air-conditioning on the skin.

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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – Why Choose Listed Essential Oils?

Before you decide to go with a particular brand of essential oils, you need to know what you’re actually getting… or not getting!

Some companies advertise that their oils are pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, yet there is no guarantee that they are which renders their labeling as superficial. These companies use terms such as ‘certified therapeutic grade essential oils’ or ‘100% pure essential oils’ as marketing claims to entice the uneducated buyer.

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